History of the band

The band started in 1997 as a 4 piece, The Virtual Horns with an option to add a real horn section. In 2004 we changed the name to the Philly Horn Band, and in 2010 we changed it again to the Philly Party Band. Over our 20 year history we performed for over 500 gigs and about 400 weddings. Our Last Gig was in May of 2017, A fundraiser for Saint Lukes.

If you have a video of the band performing at your event and would like to add it here, just send me an email at Dan@ccnainc.com.

This was right before the Band started

This was at Pica’s in Upper Darby, at Robert Cohen’s Bar Mitzvah, Dan, Rob and Steven Sitting in with The John Hoey Orchestra in 1997, Notice Sax player Paul Congdon, he joined the Virtual horns in 2000. Robert started full time in 1999 and Steven in 2010.


1st Formal Picture of the Band

The Original Guitarist was Paul Matecki
and the original Female vocalist was Jean Dellomo
then Lisa Horst replaced Jean
Joe Corcoran on Lead Vocals and Harp
Mike Hahn on Guitar and Vocals
Dan Cohen Band Leader and Drums


Video from the Ponderosa in Ridley  Township 1997


Virtual Horns with an optional Horn Section

Robert Cohen on Keyboards
PJ Clement Vocals and Guitar
Craig Snyder on Trumpet


1999 Virtual Horns with Purple Reign at Steven’s Bar Mitzvah- Pica’s Upper Darby PA


Video from TV Show NightScenes November 1999 Virtual Horn Band 4 Piece




Video from TV Show NightScenes November 1999 Virtual Horn Band 8 Piece  

O’Flagherty’s Aston PA 1999  
2nd Wedding we did in 2000  

O’Flagherty’s Aston 2000 Celebrating our sound person’s birthday.  

Late in 2000 we replaced Joe Corcoran with Rob Barras
and Lisa Horst with Andrea Rogers
added Paul Congdon on Sax
PJ on Guitar and Vocals
Roberts Cohen on Keyboard

and on 12/31/2000 we opened for Trump Plaza in
Atlantic City, NJ


Clips from the St Thomas Country Fair and the Media Food Fair 2000  

Virtual Horn Band 2001

Replaced Rob Barras with Jeff Smith


Virtual Horns at Rose Tree Park 2001  

Performing a Kiss Song at a Wedding in New Hope, PA HollyHedge Estate  
2002 Rob Cohen Left For College and Don Dittmar joined us playing Keys, Guitar and vocals, We also replaced PJ with Tony Fusca on Guitar and Vocals, and Tom Parsons replaced Craig Snyder and John Pedicone join us playing Trumpet. Coco Sol joined us playing Percussion and some vocals.  

Virtual Horn Band 2002 CVI Ball at the Crystal Tea Room  

2002 Rose Tree Park Concert  

2003 Philadelphia Heart Ball at the Crystal Tea Room  
2004 We replaced Andrea Rogers with Sarah Bush and Coco Sol with  Meeta Parker and changed our name to the Philly Party Band  

2004 Philly Party Band 1st Bat Mitzvah at the Dupont  

2004 Media Food Fair Philly Horn Band

Rose Veinot Replaced Meeta

2005 we replaced The female vocalist with Babz Roberts and Neysa Ricciadi and replaced Don Dittmar with Mateo Gloistein on keyboards  

Rose Tree Park 2005  

2005 Riddle Ball at the Crystal Tea Room  
2006 added Dom Thomas on Percussion, Kelvin Nathaniel on Guitar  

Wedding at Springfield Country Club July 2006  

2006 One of the largest weddings we ever did, over 500 people at Saint Nick’s Hall in Minersville PA  

Sept 2006 We replaced Jeff Smith with Kalir Love and Frank Dicristo, also replaced Kelvin with Jay Swartz,
Neysa with Marcia Hendricks and Babz with Malyka Sankofa



2006 NYE at Cavaliers Country Club


Philly Horn Band at the Adelphia 2007



2007 we replaced Marcia with Pannan Wophil



Prom for the Wilmington School of the Arts at Chase Center Wilmington River Front 2007



Philly Horn Band at the Doylestown 4th of July Concert 2007


Philly Party Band at at the Adelphia in Depford, NJ 2008



2008 CVI Ball Penns Landing  

St. Anthony’s Italian Festival Wilmington, DE 

ST. HEDWIG Polish Festival 2008 Philly Horn Band, performing Respect  

Doylestown Summer Concert 2008  

Philly Horn Band performing Lets Get Loud 2008  

Mt Gretna Concert 2008  

Michael Jackson Medley at the Adelphia 2008  

Philly Horn Band Performing at the Riddle Ball 2008 at Springfield Country Club  

Fund Raiser for the Berks Visiting Nurse 100th Anniversary Gala  

2009 Philly Horn Band Demo  

2009 NYE at Springfield County Club  

Philly Horn Band Wedding 2009 NYE at Bear Creek Mountain Resort  

2010 Doylestown 4th of July Concert Performing Beautiful Liar  
2010 We Changed our Name to The Philly Party Band
Steven Cohen Joined full time playing Trumpet

2010  Wedding at Harry Savoys, performing special request of You Make me So Very Happy  

Wedding In Phoenixville, PA This Will Be an Everlasting Love 2010  

Philly Horn Band at RiverCrest Country Club 2011  

2011 Don’t Stop Believing Wedding in Philadelphia  
2011 Janice McClan Joined Replacing Pannan Wophil  

Philly Party Band 2011 Concert At Doylestown 4th of July Concert  

Tim Qualls Presents 2011  

Clips From Saint Joe’s Prep Home Coming 2011  

Philly Party Band at the Hotel Dupont 2011  

Time To Say Goodbye Philly Party Band with the Shaw Strings recorded live at the Ramada Philadelphia  

NYE 2011 At Cavaliers Country Club, Delaware  

2012 Delaware Seashore State Park Beach Wedding  

Wedding at Villanova 2012  

2012 NACE Spring Soiree

Ace Conference Center Lafayette Hill, PA


2013 Philly Party Band Fund Raiser Package  

Philly Party Band – Performing I Will Always Love You at the Figure 8 Barn in Delaware 2013  

Philly Party Band performing Brick House at the Figure 8 barn in Delaware 2013  

Philly Party Band performing Foot Loose Collage from many events  

NYE 2013 Philly Party Band Clarion Hotel Philadelphia Airport  

2014 Delaware Heart Ball Dover Downs  

2014 Wedding at the Down Town Club, Philadelphia, PA Philly Party Band  
2014  Kenny Pit took over Male Lead position  

2014 NYE at Cavaliers Country Club  

2015 Philly Party Band Uptown Funk Delaware Leukemia Research Foundation  

2015 Philly Party Band Demo  

Philly Party Band Doylestown 4th of July Concert 2015  

Philly Party Band Wedding at the Philadelphia Hyatt at the Bellevue  

2016 Wedding at the Omni William Penn Hotel Pittsburgh, PA  

Wedding at  the Downtown Club in Philadelphia, PA 2016 (This bride sang with us in the very beginning in 1997)   

Philly Party Band Doylestown 4th of July Concert 2016   

Our Last gig, Fund raiser for Saint Lukes at Saucon Valley Country Club 2016  



















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